What keeps so many men from pursuing their calling? It’s tempting to say that many men haven’t discovered what they should do when they grow up, that they’re still searching and ignorant of what they are most gifted at doing.

However, l would argue that this is generally not true. Most men, l believe, are aware at some level – maybe one they’ve never articulated or dared to share with another person – of what they love and what they would do if they allowed themselves.

So what is the barrier? What is the obstacle that looms like a large granite ball? Too often, it’s FEAR! plain and simple. Fear of risking, fear of failing, fear or changing, and fear of succeeding often imprison a man’s sense of calling so that he remains locked within himself.

Certainly there are circumstances that hinder and drag us down and unravel the tapestry of our calling. However, the truly great ones, the men who are so aware of who they are and what they must do, find a way to persevere, to transform their circumstantial barriers into stepping stones for achieving their destiny.

“What if I risk my Four Hundred Thousand to start this new entrepreneurial adventure and lose all my retirement saving? What if I finally start writing and recording the songs that constantly stream into my mind and heart and no one wants to hear them? What if I never sit on the company’s board? What if I give my all to what I love to do and I never make it to the big leagues? Who will I be then?” Many men ask themselves.

Dear friends and brothers, the real loser is the man who never dares chisel the marble and release the beauty he sees within, the man who never launches the ship he’s spent his whole life building upon the beautiful and tempestuous seas. The only real loser in life is the man who never risks challenging his mind and committing himself wholeheartedly to the endeavors for which he was made.

You are not a loser.
You are more than a conqueror, through Christ!

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