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12 Most Clear Signs that a Man is Cheating

12 Most Clear Signs that a Man is Cheating

Many marriages have been destroyed due to unfaithfulness, with so much lies, deceit and cheating covered with smiles. Many women discover the cheating habit of their husband only when things has gone very wrong. Too late! Before you get to the point of surprises, below are the 12 clear signs that a man is cheating in his marriage.

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Comparing wife with other women

Man comparing wife with other women When a man starts comparing his wife with other women, he is drawn into the net of lust, buried in his heart. He will eventually be engrossed with attractive difference, which would push him toward other women.

Next, he starts complaining with statements such as ‘my wife nags a lot, my wife is not as educated as that woman, my wife is not as beautiful as that lady, my wife is not as intelligent as that lady, my wife is not as wealthy as that woman, my wife is not as industrious as that woman, my wife is as not humble as that lady, my cannot cook like that woman. As long as this goes on, he will eventually arrange to meet one of them.

As a woman, you must pay close attention when your husband starts making statements that compare you with other women. It is a signal that something as terrible as adultery could be going on in his heart.

As a man, never compare your wife with any other woman. It is the gate way to lust, cheating and adultery. Your wife is unique and different. There is no other woman like her. The day a man starts comparing his wife with any other woman, he starts the journey to the oblivion of cheating.

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The man locks his phone with secret pin

Man hidding phoneWhen a man starts meeting strange women outside his home, he starts locking his phone with a secret pin, undisclosed to his wife. Everything is now secret, including calls, text, chats, picture. The woman is locked out of the man’s life. Once a man locks his wife out his life, he becomes food for strange women, which have destroyed many marriages.

Secrecy is the cancer that destroys marriage. Why would a married woman lock his phone from his wife? What is he hiding if he is not having private conversations that will alarm his wife? The wife now needs a permission to view the phone content. At this point, the marriage has a third person living in the house. It is only a question of time before the strange woman will appear physically.

As a man, never lock your phone from your wife, if you have nothing to hide. Sadly, a man who has the habit of locking his phone from his wife, even without the intent of cheating is 95% more likely to be trapped into the sin of adultery. The openness and access to one another is for your own security. A locked phone is a locked room. There is someone inside it.

As a woman, this is a sign you must watch out for and stop it from happening. Your husband’s phone is your own phone. If you cannot view his phone content, then adultery is sleeping on your matrimonial bed.

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He suddenly starts keeping late night 

Man coming back late nightWhen a man suddenly starts keeping late night, start coming home very late, sacrificing the loving welcome of his family for another place unknown to the family, then there is a strong indication that the man has fallen into the net of a strange woman. Keeping late night is one obvious reason that a man has crossed into another territory. Strange women are everywhere. They are looking for men without value or respect for that ‘welcome back’ greeting of their family. They lock in at every opportunity and can keep a man from coming home to his family.

As a woman, when your husband suddenly start returning home very late, without any reasonable explanation or pre-notice, then raise a cautious alarm. Something is wrong. Find out what is keeping him away from home. Deal with it and bring him home.

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Sudden change in body smell

Man with lipstic stainWhen a man starts sleeping with another woman, other than his wife, his body smell will change. There is an identifiable body smell that every man would wear as long as that man is with one woman. Yes, every man has a body smell that makes even his dog recognise him. It is different for every man. This body smell is as a result so many factors, including hygiene, cream, soap, perfume, his wife’s body smell and others.

A man’s body smell will hardly change very suddenly and drastically. When a man’s body smells changes drastically, without any obvious reasons, it is a sign that the man is in contact with another body.

Every woman should pay close attention to the body smell of her husband. When a woman notices a change, he should find the source. It is a sign that there is another body touching the body. It is the responsibility of every woman to at least have a sense that registers intimately the body smell of her husband. It is part of what attracts the woman to her husband. A woman who does not know her husband to this extent is not on top of her game. This is one sign a man cannot hide. The smell will come out. 

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Not worried about his wife’s absence

Man worried about wifeIt is natural for a man to crave for the constant presence of his wife around him. A happy and secured man will enjoy the companion of his wife. When the woman is away for long, the man gets worried. However, when the woman stays away for long, and the husband is not worried and does not complain, then there is a problem. It is possible that another woman has taken over the caring attention of the man, giving the man the freehand to satisfy himself with her. At this point, the man is no longer worried about the extended absence of his wife and would not complain if the woman is gone for weeks.

As a woman, if your husband does not get worried about your extended absence from home, then something is wrong. A strange woman has taken over your home. It does not matter the type of work you do, or the explanation you have, you must come home and take care of your husband and secure your family. Do not lose your family because of career or business. Family is priceless.


Disjointed stories and lies

When a man suddenly starts telling disjointed stories and lies about his whereabouts, his appointments and engagements then he has something more hidden than the eye can see. When a man starts cheating, he starts telling lies. Each lie will lead to more lies. As a woman, when you notice that suddenly your husband starts telling lies, please do not ignore it. It is strong indication that the man is compromised with something shameful he trying to hide. The lie is symptom, not the root cause. Lie and deceit are also spirits that follow adultery.

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Suddenly eats little or no food at home

Man of valour eating small food

When a man consistently starts eating very little food compared to what he is used to eating at home, without any obvious reasons such ill-health, then someone else if feeding him outside. The man’s heart has been captured in the kitchen of another woman. This is a very dangerous and easy sign to notice.

Most men love good food. Trust me! The way to a man’s heart is his belly. Men relax where there is good food. Every woman must have a sense of the quantity of food her husband can consume at each time depending on the food type. When the man starts eating little or no food at home, then the pot of a strange woman has locked him down. 

Sometimes, the man will start by giving excuses, saying, ’I had late lunch late, I do not have appetite, I do not feel like eating much…’ These excuses are acceptable for a night or two. When it become regular or fortnight occurrence, then the man should either have a medical condition that requires urgent medical check up or explain who is feeding him outside the home.

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Sudden unusual gifts

Men of Valour

A man who is cheating will suddenly start giving the wife unusual gifts. Some of these gifts could be very expensive gifts. The purpose of such gift is to distract the woman from probing or questioning the strange behaviour that the man would be exhibiting. Such gifts paralyses the senses of the woman to what is going on around the husband and shuts down her mouth from speaking. She will be occupied by enjoying the gift. Even when the woman notices something strange, she would not raise a voice for the fear of stopping the gift from coming. Women who are greedy and materialistic fall head long to this trick.

As a woman, when the man starts bringing home unusual gifts for you, take a pause, search your spirit and ask questions. Why this sudden gift showers? If it is too good to be true, it is probably is.


Strange feminine objects

Man with makeupImagine searching a married man’s pocket to find ladies earrings or hair band. Most times men cannot cover their tracks. When a man starts carrying ladies earrings, hair bands, necklace, hair tie, brassier, pants and other feminine items not from his wife, then another woman has given them to him. Who is that woman? The man is very close to cheating, if not in it already. This is probably one of the easiest signs that a man is already sleeping with another woman.

Women who do not help with their husband laundry will find it difficult to catch this. As a woman, do your husbands laundry yourself sometimes. It is an opportunity to carry out pocket and bag search. Whatever you find is an indication what goes around the man.

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Removing and forgetting wedding rings

Young man taking off his golden wedding ring.Wedding rings are precious seal of marriage covenant. When a man start removing or leaving it behind, then watch closes, he is hiding his true identity from the woman outside. He does not want the woman outside to know that he is already married. It makes the deceitful life easier for him. This is usually one of the signs that a man cheating man. A man who repetitively removes and forgets his wedding ring is getting ready for another wedding. As a woman, do not ignore this sign.

Mysterious losses and challenges

Man in sorroyThe fastest route for a man to destroy himself is adultery. A cheating man is like a gold store house without a key. He is exposed to all forms of plunder and stealing. He is food for satanic forces, because spiritually, he is accused and judged.

Just one-act of adultery can turn the life of a man upside down. His business will start going down, mysterious disappointments, loss of favour and opportunities will follow. Read what the book of Proverbs says, “My son, pay attention to my wisdom, turn your ear to my words of insight, that you may maintain discretion and your lips may preserve knowledge. For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil; but in the end she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword. Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave (Proverbs 5:1-5)”.

As a man, when mysterious losses and challenges starts be falling your family, search deeply, it could be the consequences of adultery. Pray and ask God for revelation and mercy.



Man of Character

When a family is under the covenant of God’s protection, the act of adultery will not be overlooked, but will be revealed through revelations, to the man, the woman or relations. This is why every married woman must be prayerful. A prayerful woman, through the mercies of God will receive revelations when a strange woman is after her husband. Such comes with clear interpretation, spurring her to act to protect her husband from such exposure.  For a prayerless woman, the story is different. Before she would notice, another woman has moved into her house.

12 Most Clear Signs that a Man is Cheating… This list can grow, but these are the most obvious signs to watch out for. Drop a comment, questions and feedback.

Signs to know the Cheating Man is cheating

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