10 Ways to avoid parental rejection to your marriage proposal

10 Ways to avoid parental rejection to your marriage proposal

You have found the lady you want to marry. You want to introduce yourself to the parents, but you are afraid the parents may reject you.

10 Ways to avoid parental rejection to your marriage proposal

This is how you can avoid and deal with marriage proposal rejection.


1. No matter what you see or dace going the her house, Keep your complaint to yourself. The road to marriage is tough. Don’t go complaining of how tough it was difficult to locate their house. How bad the road was. How dirty their house is? When you complain about them, they will feel that ones you marry their daughter, you will run away and stop coming to see them. Automatically you will be resisted. Many young men cannot control their feeling and mouth. Keep you complaint to yourself.

2. Make Friends with your wife siblings ahead of time. They will help you negotiate on difficult issues and soften the ground even before you come.

3. Get your father-in-laws best friend(s) to advise you on how to best approach him. Make him your friend.Your fiancé knows her father’s best friend. Sometimes it helps.

4. Be patient and calm in the face of abuse or insult. When you are insulted by your in-laws, they are testing your maturity to marry. If you are insulted and you fire back and start shouting and fighting then you have failed the test. You are tagged, ‘not matured for marriage.’ Take this small boy out of this place.

5. Treat parents in-law as your own parent. This cannot be over emphasised. Honour them. Ask about their health. Even when they reject your marriage proposal, ask and care about their comfort. Buy things for them.

6. Make your intentions clear. Don’t hang around a man’s daughter without making your intentions known after a long time. They would lose their patience and tag you irresponsible and deceiver.

7. Be real. Do not pretend to be who you are not. If parents discover that you lied about yourself, they would brand you a fraudster and hold back their daugh.

8. Don’t provoke the lady to crying or complain about you to her parents. When parents see their child crying, they attack whatever makes the child cry. Whatever disagreement you have with the lady, please don’t let her tell her parent

9. Spend quality time trying to know more about the family and how being a son-in-law can help the family grow. Become interested in the family not just in their daughter.

When your parents in-law see that you are interested in their family growth and not just their daughter, you will become their best discovered goldmine. It is not all about money, it is about advice, and character that helps solve their family issue

10. Pray with all issues presented to God. With God all things are possible.

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