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10 secrets you don’t know about your family

10 secrets you don’t know about your family

You are sitting on a gold mine, but someone wants to take the mine away from you because you do not know what you are sitting on. Open your eyes and see secrets of what you have in your family. See the big picture. Whether you are married or not, these 10 secrets must form the basis of your life as you play the most important role here on earth.  

Your family is your greatest investment

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Your greatest investment is not your car, your house, land, savings or your career and job. Your greatest investment is your family. It is the only reason why you wake up so early in the morning everyday and sleep late. It is the only reason you go to work even when you are damn tired. For the sake of your family, you take all the insults, harassment and abuse at work. Everything you have earned, you have spent on your family. Your name is attached to that family. Your wealth, your heritage, your generation are all poured into that family. It is your greatest investment. If you ever lose your family, you have lost everything. Never let is be stolen from you. Do nothing stupid to lose your family. It is the only true evidence, that you were here on earth.

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Your family is reflection of you

The image of your family follows you wherever you go. When you look at your family you will see yourself. When you look at yourself, you will see your family. Everyman is a reflection of what he left at home.

I once attended a 3 days training. We were about 10 persons lodge for the 3 days. It did not take time to notice a man who had a dysfunctional family. It reflected in his behavior, actions and voice on the phone. Eventually, he could not complete the course, as he had to leave to hurriedly to continue with the family crises between him and his wife.

Most times, the emotions you display at work is a reflection of the emotion you display at home. A man from a peaceful home will be peaceful at work. A man from a home with integrity, will show it at work. On the other hand, a man from a home filled with dishonesty, fighting and abuse, will show it in the public. In one way or the other, your family follows everywhere you go. The image of your family is stamped in the invisible traces of your character.

You can do a good covering up, but not for long. Very soon, people will ask you questions that will compel you to tell the story of how your home has either helped you become a better person or a bad person. Build your home. Make it who you want it to be.

Only you can destroy your family

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No other person on earth has the power to destroy your family. Only can destroy your family. Hmm! Is this true? Yes it is. No government, kingdom or principality can destroy your family without your consent. The powers that wants to destroy your family will provoke you to do something stupid and give them consent. They will harass you, beat you up, scare you and abuse you to lose your mind and give them consent. Until you give them consent, they cannot crush you and your family.

No matter what the power that be throws at you, stand firm and take hold of your family.

Your Family is the biggest and oldest institution on earth

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Your family is the biggest and oldest institution on earth. It is bigger than the US government and all the governments of the world put together. Every other institution depends on it to survive. The presidents of all the countries of the world came from a family. The greatest inventors, Einstein, Newton, Thomas Edison all came because there was a family. Family gave birth to the world of today.  It is older than any institution of man. It is created in every tribe, every community, every nation on earth. It will outlive any government or institution. When you are gone, your family will continue.  

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Your family is established by God Himself

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Your family is established by the almighty God Himself. You think you did it, but no man can establish family by his own design. No government of any country established marriage. Before any man was created, marriage was already created in the mind and purpose of God. God created man as the foundation of the family. The laws are not written by man. The laws cannot changed by man. For this reason shall a man leave his father and mother cleave to his wife and both shall be one flesh. He that finds a wife, finds a good thing and shall obtain favour before the Lord. These are the laws and conditions. Those who try to redefine marriage to suit their political and economic agenda, come face to face with God’s rejection. Your family is beyond the establishment of men.

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Your family is the strongest institution on earth

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Your family is the strongest institution on earth. It is stronger than any institution of man, the United Nations and the government of your country. It is stronger than the US army plus Russian army plus the German army and all the military forces of the earth put together. No military force can destroy your family. No government, no power can destroy your family. Satan tried to destroy the family in Eden, but he failed. Many governments around the world has made laws to destroy the family but failed. Gay right, abortion rights, transgender rights, divorce laws are all crafted to destroy the family, but they will fail. They will try, but your family will always win. Your family is indestructible. Those who try to destroy your family, will destroy themselves. 


Your family was the primary purpose for creation

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Your family is the primary purpose for God’s creation. Before God began creation, He set the end in mind, which is your family then he started preparing for it from the beginning, with the creation. The entire essence of creation, is to make provision and prepare the ground for the birth of the institution of your family. The sun, the moon, the ocean, the mountains, the plants, day and night all were created to prepare the earth for the birth of your family. If not for the creation of your family, God would not have created anything at all.  Your family is at the center of God’s plan for the dominion of humanity. 

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Your Marriage is not your family

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Your marriage is different from your family. Your marriage is a union between you and your wife for the purpose of establishing the family. Your family is the original purpose of God, created to raise a generation of God’s people who will dominate the earth, subdue it and overcome the powers of darkness, through you. Thus, your family comes before your marriage. Your marriage can end, but your family will not end. Stop thinking about yourself and your marriage alone, but think about your family, which is your children, grandchildren and generations after you. Think about the legacy and character that you are leaving behind for them.  


Your family is the foundation for humanity to dominate the earth

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Your family is the original purpose of God, created to raise a generation of God’s people who will dominate the earth, subdue it and overcome the powers of darkness. That is the way God thinks. Think about the big picture. The big picture is dominion over the earth through the family, for generations in the kingdom. If your family is broken, you can never fulfil the dominion mandate. If you think about the big picture, you will be patient and grow your family.

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Your family needs you to survive

Men of ValourHaving known these thing, stand with the family. Defend it. Work for it. Make it work and build it. Be patient. Endure the challenges and insults. Be courageous to fight and endure. If you win, you have contributed to building the strongest, biggest, indomitable institution on earth. Play you part, and win your crown. 

10 secrets you don’t know about your family… Drop your comments, your feedback and questions. 

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