8 ways to manage a nagging wife

10 reasons why women nag

10 reasons why women nag…

Research has shown that a woman can say about 25,000 words in a day, compared to 10,000 words or less for men. This natural tendency to say many words if not controlled can lead to nagging, which has wrecked many families. It can bring down the house roof. Sometime, domestic violence, emotional breakdown and divorce are as a result of the men’s poor understanding of reason why women nag, and how to handle it. It is important that men have good understanding of why women nag.

Here are the 10 reasons why women nag…

Women often think loud

The natural tendency of a woman is to say what she is thinking. This is called thinking loud. When a woman is thinking, she is also saying what she is thinking. This is driven by her sense of urgency. She wants the man to get it straight from the processor (the brain), the way she feels and act fast. Typically, a man would behave differently. He would keep quiet, spend some time thinking, and tell you a few words as summary. For a woman, it is different. She will show you all the working in her mind and allow you deduce the conclusions. So next time you see a woman nagging, know that her processor (brain) is running and you are getting the full working. It is the way the woman is created. Actually, if well understood handled, it is for the good of the home, as it helps to avert delays and procrastination in resolving critical issues.

A way of getting the attention they need

Just like kids, when they need attention they cry, so are women. When women need attention and they are not getting it, they resort to nagging. For example, when a woman starts complaining about a man’s habit of coming home late night, and she is not getting the response she wants, she will talk and shout until the man’s responds. If she gives up, then there is danger. Never allow your wife to keep quite on a nagging subject without you fixing it. She may have a second plan.

Women want problems and broken things fixed on time.

Women nag mainly because they want problems and broken things fixed and fixed on time. They just get easily feed up with excuses and procrastination. Also, because they feel they are not in control.  When a woman does not see things done after she has being promised, she feel tricked. Tricking a woman is a debt you must pay for with nagging lashes.

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Low risk tolerance level

Women naturally have a low risk tolerance level. What you as a man will see as a small problem under your control, will appear as a very big problem to your wife. Women know that when things go wrong, they suffer it most. Check all the war cases, local and international, it is women who bear the brunt and the heat. This is why she would start complaining about little things, while you the man thinks there is nothing to complain about.

Low capacity to handle damage control

Women capacity to handle crises and damage control is very thin, so they want problems resolved quickly before they escalate even if the chances of escalation are very low. They just want to remain in their safe zone and enjoy their comfort.

They need assurance and response

A woman will talk about the same thing again and again until she gets a response and assurance from her husband. Without getting the response and assurance that something will be done about her concerns, she will not keep quiet. It does not matter if the man can fix it not, she simply wants that assurance the man is thinking about will do something to fix it.

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To prove that she is not wicked

Some people think that because a woman nags, then she is wicked. No! Nagging does not mean that a woman is wicked. When you start treating a nagging woman as though she is wicked, she will nag more in an attempt to clear herself. Nagging is a woman’s natural state because it is her weapon to getting things done. She will not change or stop, it is her natural state from creation. It is you the man who has to learn how to handle it.

They want to give colourful details

Women sometimes are drawn to give colourful details which are not relevant to the man. Ask a woman, ‘what are we going to eat for dinner?’ Do not be surprised if she starts telling you how she went to the market to buy some chicken, and meet some old church friends, who took her to a place she could buy the chicken at half price, only for her to discover that the chicken has finished, forcing her to return home to use half of the chicken in the refrigerator to prepare the stew for the jollof-rice for tomorrow’s dinner. She want to give those colourful details, but the important thing the man wants to hear is jollof rice. Those details are her world, and she wants you to hear it. be patient and listen to her. That is the woman.

Pressure from home, work and business

This cannot be over emphasized. Women face pressure from work, family and business. When the pressure rises to their neck, they would naturally speak out.

Fear and Lack of Faith

Research has shown that women who pray and go to prayer meeting are 30% more likely to live peacefully and live longer than those who do not. Prayer calms tension. For women, it works wonder because of their emotions which easily connects with the spiritual realm. Women who do not pray or have spiritual faith anchor are more likely to nagging consistently out anxiety.

The bible says in Philippians 4:6, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;

As man, take your wife to pray and prayer meeting. Pray about issues that bother her most. It will reduce the nagging once it is committed into God’s hands.

10 reasons why women nag…If you have comments and questions kindly drop a comment in the box below. Let us discuss.

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